What can we do for you?

Developing good software shouldn’t be so complicated. We’ve lived through the agony of seeing enterprises struggling to find success. Those experiences have compelled us to commit to finding one thing—the best way to build quality software that makes our customers happier and companies more successful—without all the wastefulness associated with more traditional development approaches.

A small team of experts is powerful and rare. To build such a team is difficult and can take years. Using an experienced team with an outsider’s perspective is an effective tool to ignite and execute a project. This approach avoids internal corporate constraints while leaving you in control of the end product. It provides fresh insights and unbiased solutions that only a lean and experienced outsider team can provide.

Having worked with large companies, we understand how to work many times faster, many times cheaper and many times better than teams that see agile as yet another process. Here are some of the ways we can do this for you:

Custom Software and Analytics

Off-the-shelf software and canned dashboards can only take you so far. Any innovation performed these days requires the heavy-lifting that only a custom-developed solution can deliver. You might ask yourself, "Can I afford having custom solutions built?" Obviously, the real question is "Can you afford not to?" The companies that innovate rarely have a secret window into the best ideas in a given market. Increasingly, the company that leads a market is one that finds the quickest path to turning an idea into a product.

Hackathons and Proofs of Concept

In the old days, a company would chart a course that might take many months or even years to develop a solution. Today, this is a costly approach that ignores the trend towards experimentation-driven product development. Time-boxed development methods, such as hackathons and concept proofs allow a company to test ideas without committing millions of dollars in advance. Successfully done, well-designed and time-boxed experiments yield the data needed to navigate the shortest path to market leadership.

Best Practice Reviews, Architectural Reviews

Technical debt and cruft left after years of process-driven development and team turnover can sabotage a product's future. Identifying root rot, and precisely surveying the elements of a system that can be corrected, can allow a company to save a product and its future. An experienced team with an outsider’s perspective is an effective tool that provides fresh insights and unbiased solutions to uncover these issues and provide a plan to address them.

Small team of experts approach

For us, it's simple. The fastest teams are small and use a test-driven culture with a shared and singular focus to solve a problem. Our approach focuses on feeding agility with innovation...and conversely, innovation with agility.

Test-driven culture leads to innovation

We're experienced in developing and operating enterprise production systems. This sort of expertise and a culture to design data-driven experiments is the foundation of science and technical innovation.

A small-team culture is the precondition to agility

We are able to quickly navigate to find the most optimal solution to problem because we empower small teams who have the experience and expertise—this is the secret sauce to finding optimal solutions quickly.

There are lots of successful teams, but most alternatives are often be cumbersome and bureaucratic, leading to sub-optimal solutions that don't actually solve your pain points. We have a unique set of experiences and talents. Applying this ability-to-execute and the simplicity of our small-team approach, we are uniquely positioned to make business simple for you.