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Sparkfish is a 100% USA-based custom software development and consulting firm. We’re mad about finding effective real-world solutions for our clients and we never shy away from a challenge.

Since our inception in 2017, Sparkfish has grown into one of the US leading software developers. Our small, agile team consists only of devoted experts, removing the time and cost-wastage associated with large bureaucracies. Our structure enables us to take our clients’ innovative ideas and program them into reality with unparalleled efficiency.

We pride ourselves on building forward-thinking, sturdy, and creative products that can take businesses to the next level. We’ve completed hundreds of successful client journeys for large and small operations within a range of public sectors. You can witness those journeys in our archives.

Sparkfish Fundamentals

Solutions Focused

We take real-world problems that require pragmatic solutions very seriously. Our software is always created with intention and purpose—it’s what makes our team among the best there is.

Community Leaders

In our debrief after each successful journey, we look at ways to contribute to the open-source software community. We appreciate that a healthy ecosystem promotes innovation and always look to give back.

Family First

Strong team and client relations are essential to project success. When you choose to join the Sparkfish family, you won’t just get robust software solutions—you’ll make an ally for life.

The Sparkfish Roadmap

Jonathan Boarman

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Sato

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Farris

Chief Financial Officer

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