Custom FP&A Solutions

Custom Software and Data Solutions to power Financial Planning and Analysis

The Right Data at The Right Time

Financial Planning and Analysis is vital for Private Equity Firms. At Sparkfish, our team helps develop custom software solutions that allow Private Equity firms to access all of their data in standardized formats and reports in real-time. 

Accurate and timely financial analysis is crucial to success.  With a custom FP&A software solution from Sparkfish, you can rest assured that you have the right data at the right time

Less time Collecting, More Time Analyzing

With custom data management and software solutions, you can spend less time compiling the data you need and more time analyzing and acting on the information.  We create custom financial reports and dashboards to give you the insights you need whenever and wherever you need it.

Centralized Data From
Disparate Sources

Our custom FP&A solutions create a centralized data management location by integrating all of your existing platforms. This central location gives finance the control needed over their data.

Define Financial Analytics Needs

The first step in our process is to define what your finance team needs.  We look at your current solution and how we can build a software and analytics solution that will help drive high-quality financial decision-making.

Design a solution that works for you

Every business is unique and every Private Equity firm’s needs are different. That is why we design custom FP&A software solutions. 

implementation and ongoing support

As you business grows, so does its needs. With Sparkfish as your trusted partner, we can help your custom software and data management evolve with your needs.