Get a consolidated view of your organization's data

Centralize your data—from multiple sources—and access it from one location so you can use the insights.

Data-driven decision making is as close as you are to your data.

With multiple locations, disparate sources, and complicated formats across domains, it’s hard enough to access your organization’s data, let alone consume it, analyze it, and use it to make decisions at the speed of your business.

Making things worse, it seems like every time you turn around there’s a new term to describe how to manage your data.

Data warehouse, data lake, data lakehouse, data mesh …

We’ll help you make sense of it all and implement the right data management strategy so you can get a consolidated view of your organization’s data, making it easier to analyze and gain insights for informed decision-making.

Manage your Data

Data warehousing provides a consolidated view of your organization’s data from multiple sources, making it easier to analyze and gain insights for informed decision-making.

Report with your Data

Access your critical data in real time and make informed decisions using custom reporting tools that provide a comprehensive view of all available information.

Combine & transform your data

Extract, combine and store your data in a central location to easily provide advanced insights from a range of sources including:

  • ERPs
  • CRMs
  • Third-Party Sales Data
  • Website & Digital Analytics
  • Advertising Platforms


Sparkfish is a Databricks partner, but we are also experienced with other tools, such as Snowflake and DBT for data ingestion as well as Power BI, Tableau and other data visualization tools.

Better Data, Smarter Business

Unify your teams around reliable, centralized data. Sparkish provides business intelligence through comprehensive data management to help define the metrics that drive your business while enabling single-point access to trustworthy data.

Break down data siloes

Integrate data from disparate sources to make it more accessible to users across your organization.

Real-Time Insights & reporting

Access and analyze your data in real-time to speed up decision making and create up-to-date reporting.

Extract more value

Find new insights by viewing and analyzing all of your data from multiple sources, in one place.

Maximize Time Efficiency

Save time, money, and resources making business decision rather than hunting down your data.

Experience data, your way

Customize and automate reporting to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Tell A Visual Story

Turn pages and rows of data into easily understandable visuals.