How We Engage

Our goal is simple: We work to help you achieve more sales and revenue. We want to clearly understand your vision and expected business growth. Together we'll review your strategy and develop a plan for the project that guarantees meeting those objectives. Our teams will also fully integrate the software solutions to further improve service and benefits for your customers.

Custom Development Process

Business Value

The first step and the most important is understanding the business value of the project. This includes determining expected customer acceptance, volume, pricing, market strategy, development costs, cost/labor savings if an internal project, etc. We examine your objectives and needs for the project including how those needs may grow and evolve and your resources to maintain it. Our team will work hand in hand with your stakeholders to work out how best to maximize ROI and target your market for best revenue growth.


We use a 5-step process to plan projects. Each project or scenario is different. The planning phase breaks out a host of details of the work to be done and who is responsible. Milestones are identified and tracking provided to monitor on-time completions.

Determine the goals
Mapping the business process
Establish “must haves” and “nice to haves”
Make room for unknown business features
Set the budget and pace


The Design phase of custom software and mobile application development is where the fun begins. Giving your innovation a face with a strong focus on your ability to help a prospective customer can immediately grab their attention. All custom software development and corresponding mobile application development centers around building your branding and positioning while de-positioning competitors. You'll have a modern look and feel and, most importantly, an easy to use business process. We custom fit Apple and Google recommended do’s and don’ts to meet your requirements - all to create an experience that will change your business for the better.

UX Design
Human-Computer Interaction
User Research


We build software systems and applications with the latest technologies that are ready to scale with your new-found business growth and revenue. These systems are created with an ease of expandability in hand so that new features and functionality can be built in cost effectively. We build what you want, the way you want it and behind the scenes it’s built with our strengthening partnership in mind.


We use very stringent guidelines for testing that include automated testing methods. Often we will crowd-source the testing to ensure real-life viability, depending on the type of application and intended use cases. We strive to ensure your custom software, web application, or mobile application is ready to stand up and provide the expected results from day 1.


We stand behind our work and support you 24/7/365 so that your business can focus on growth. We have periodic code reviews as well to ensure we are helping you stay ahead of your competition. If you have an app that was built by someone that isn’t providing you with the support that you expect, we can step in and take over the reins to keep you moving forward and protect your investment. We refer to this as project rescue. We've helped a lot of organizations that tried to save a few bucks by having work done overseas, for example. We know that the help needed to be successful doesn’t stop at project completion. Our interest is is helping you be even more successful and we are here for you.

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