Mobile Application Development pricing – The Wild, Wild, West

Posted - March 19, 2019

There are lots of DIY tools on the marketplace to build your own mobile apps and there are even more contract developers that you can hire to do it for you as well. But at the heart of building a mobile application is not just about the look at feel. It comes down to functionality and how that app needs to be integrated into your existing infrastructure. That’s the real challenge.

Many of our clients have found that when they sought out pricing to have their vision built, they were surrounded with pricing that was all over the board. The even bigger concern is that unless you have enough technical savvy, you might not be exactly sure of what it is that you are buying. This is an unfortunate obstacle in this realm that can be difficult to navigate. But do know that if you are looking at pricing that seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Let’s break down mobile application development into the common pieces that companies are quoting. The first mystery is the look and feel. This is the easiest and least expensive part of what you are buying. And it is most often, all that is being quoted. You might think of a mobile app as just a shell. It looks fancy, has great color shading, the buttons look contemporary and they are all in the places you wanted them, but it is just that, a shell. To make a mobile application work is where the expertise and planning are key.

The planning is the first step our development teams engage in. As we gather details about the vision, business requirements, revenue driving results, and expected ROI, we look at the application from a perspective of where it will need to start and factor in the expected growth but provide additional planning for the unexpected exponential growth which everyone hopes for. When you build an application, you must take into consideration how it will scale and how it will integrate into evolving external systems. This factors your development approach very heavily. A process often not considered by hired contractors, overseas development teams, and the like. When you partner with a development company, it should be just that, a partnership with each other’s interests in mind. Any alternative typically ends with an application that isn’t what it was supposed to be. If you your development team doesn’t plan correctly, you will have serious problems in the future be that near or far, they will come.

Once we’ve planned appropriately, the build can begin. As we build, we hold to the strictest Agile Development Methodology to ensure the deliverable is exactly what the clients wants. We’ve mastered a process that eliminates any complication and allows our clients to be actively involved in the process. We have a vested interest in our customers success and as their trusted partner we stand behind their vision and change to the market. The interaction between us and our partner during the build process is very important as once things start to come together, your vision evolves, requirements change, it’s a natural evolution during mobile application development that must be embraced so that the end results are exactly what you want, not just what you thought you wanted when we started.

Once the mobile application has been built and tested thoroughly, we will launch and provide full time support. What many folks don’t realize is that software isn’t perfect and the world around it is always changing. Having a company that stands behind its work and supports you moving forward is the only reasonable choice. We highly recommend that when choosing a custom mobile application development team, you start looking local. With all of the hype about the savings that can be realized with off-shore developers, the challenges far out weigh any savings.


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