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We provide a time-line to completion.



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Custom Software Development

We assist your business at every stage of the software development lifecycle ranging from Startups to the Enterprise organizations. We start from conceptualization to consulting, development and support. We align to your needs. We are software consultants that have the experience and background to help you make good business decisions of how to improve an internal business process or external product.

Mobile Application Design, Build, and Launch

We design and develop highly usable, powerful mobile apps that will attract users and promote your brand. Our apps run across all major operating systems such as Apple and Android and can be developed as Native or Cross-platform and is many scenarios, a hybrid app would best suit.

UI/UX Design

The design and interaction with custom software systems and mobile applications are critical for success. This is where user perception comes into play. We’ve all used software solutions that meet all the bullet points to buy but then once in place, are painstaking to use. We design applications that custom fit to your users’ expectations of superiority which is what drives a lot of impact into the marketplace making your application a best in breed.

Coding / Programming

We write application code in your preferred language so that it is scalable with your business. We plan for the unexpected and produce output that is thorough and stable. All programming efforts need to be well documented and done with an element of simplicity no matter how complex the project may be. This allows for the application to easily stay current and long outlive the developer which is a struggle many organizations have today.

Software Consulting

Planning an MVP for product launch can be a daunting effort but probably the most critical to the process. Through our Proof of Concept process, we will build several versions of the software or mobile application to gather the market data needed to move forward. For a successful launch, we build your vision and then provide real world testing that the features are what the market wants, needs, and are ready to start paying for. This is commonly referred to as a Kickstarter campaign. As we capture market data, we can streamline user experience, outcomes, and demand so that at the completion of a Proof of Concept, you will have the data/proof that you need to move the project forward. This is the best way to reduce the risk of any costly mistakes that can consume development time increasing your product launch costs.

Application and Project Rescue

Our #1 objective as your partner is to protect your investment. Many organizations come to us with barely working or non-functioning development efforts that have caused them some serious heartache. We step in, salvage your investment and product the intended results very cost effectively. It is rare that software systems and applications need to be completely refactored or built from scratch. If you have a legacy app that has not been kept up to current standards in the marketplace, we protect your business process and improve the code set including features and functionality to bring it up to standard and improve your ROI.

Integration and Support of Existing Apps

With the mixture of out of the box software and custom solutions from API to fully functional customized software, infrastructures tend to spiral out of control which from an internal user perspective, has serious implications on efficiency. Employees and contractors tend to start developing their own work arounds and ways to compensate a broken process. Our teams are built with the most senior developers that understand not only some of the most sophisticated code but more importantly, the value of correcting the process to the business. These types of process inefficiencies are the hardest to quantify and often the easies to look away but can be the costliest. We can bring your current environment and solutions back to the streamlined solution they were always intended to be and them both improve upon your existing process, modernize it and realize those savings for your quickly.

Best Practice and Architectural Reviews

This process will target a software architectural review in two phase using common best practices. The objectives of each review are to determine many factors which include scalability, security, performance, root out non-functional code, and in general provide you with a realistic picture of where your software is today and how easily it can grow with your business in the future. The two phases of this process are both Roadmap and Design. The Roadmap phase details what is to be done and when where the Design phase dictates how it should be done. The end results are an actionable plan that can be sourced with your internal development teams or the general marketplace. We can also blend this process into a Proof of Concept to test the market and demand for how you see your solution moving forward. We always have your business growth in mind and can get you the data that you need to do it smarltly.

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