Application and Project Rescue

Application Modernization & Project Rescue

We can salvage any project at any point in your development lifecycle and save your investment. It is not uncommon for clients to approach us with an outdated or non-working app that isn’t meeting the needs of the business. Software and Mobile solutions are highly customizable but must be built to scale from the first step. Bringing existing custom software solutions or mobile apps to a working state requires a specialty team with experience finding cost effective ways to modernize and revive. The Sparkfish team has exactly those skills.

Buy Smart, Buy Local

We understand the market very well and see folks all the time that intended to save a few bucks by having their solution developed overseas only to end up with something they didn’t expect. The problem that most buyers are not aware of is that the bullets on the quote may look good, but the methodologies used to build it don’t add up. Buying a custom app requires one of two things, either a partner that you trust or being a software developer yourself. How else will you know what your ending up with?

We’ve written a lot on our blog about finding a partner that you can trust and it can’t be even more important when buying custom solutions built in technologies that are not well understood. Most importantly, when prices seem to good to be true, they usually are.

  • Speak directly with the developers working on your project
  • Understand their scope and how you can grow your app
  • Be very comfortable with the level of support to be provided
  • Buy smart, buy local, buy programs natively designed in English
  • Do your research on the type of purchase you are about to make

We examine custom software and mobile apps from the ground up to determine what is not working, were they built to scale, and how can we cost effectively get you back on track. We back everything we do as fully supported and never leave clients with concerns or questions. The biggest factor and largest part of rescuing projects are getting you a deliverable that you can bet your business on and drive revenue.

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