Best Practice and Architectural Reviews

Continuous Testing and Architectural Reviews

Our experts offer continuous testing services that examine a software program's functionality. We test various requirements, feature usability, and examine the scale-ability of the software. This often uncovers glitches that could affect the software and each tool's compatibility.

Sparkfish Best Practice and Architectural Review services:

  • Describe each project's goals
  • Determine project specific best practices
  • Provide useful statistics
  • Create detailed reports
  • Customize automated services
  • Optimize efficiency
  • Improve each framework
  • Penetration Testing
  • Enhance conceptual integrity

Optimizing Usability and Improving the Software

Our experienced developers will study navigation and the structure of each system. We examine a wide variety of scenarios that influence the experiences of users. Our experts review the workflows and the features that individuals utilize. The designers create a prototype of the software, and test numerous functions and customize solutions that improve efficiency.

Our development teams examine the interface and the distinctive options that the software offers. By creating an easy-to-use interface, our designers will optimize the experience of each user. We integrate various useful tools and reduce the average duration of certain tasks. Additionally, our software consultants regularly conduct various types of research in order to study the needs of our clients customers. This research evaluates important trends, types of interactions, numerous surveys and detailed reviews.

Penetration Testing

Don't get alarmed at the thought of securing your web and mobile apps. This can seem like a daunting task that could potentially be very expensive but it's not. We use automated tools to gather details for our security staff to rank and assess potential threats and vulnerabilities. But you are on the track to success because addressing potential security issues before they occur is always the best remedy.

  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Remote OS Command Injection
  • Directory Browsing
  • X-Frame-Options Header Not Set
  • Cookie set without HttpOnly flag
  • Password Autocomplete in browser
  • Web Browser XSS Protection Not Enabled
  • X-Content-Type-Options Header Missing

Compatibility and the Benefits of Integration

Generally, our Agile teams provide regular testing of each software program's compatibility, integration, platforms and security. This allows us to effectively integrate the software with other systems, infrastructure and business processes. Subsequently, our reports describe the efficiency of the integration, the user experience and features that influence compatibility.

According to recent reports, seamless integration augments a company's revenue and increases the number of tasks that a user could complete. By enhancing compatibility, our development team will improve scalability and reduce downtime.

Maximizing Automated Services and Agile Development

Typically, automated testing substantially decreases the costs of the software, in addition, automated techniques reduce the duration of projects. When we examine software programs that contain a large amount of data, we utilize automated tools to consume that data. This significantly enhances the comprehensiveness of each test. The client deliverables include informative reports that will help customers to examine those results in an easy-to-use format.

Managing Goals and Selecting Services

When you select our test driven development services, we customize guidelines, develop milestones and create critical timelines. Our consultants will develop a custom solution and recommend step-by-step instructions that benefit your company. We create a variety of questions that expose key factors that our experienced designers use understand your long-term goals.

Customizing the Software and Optimizing the Benefits of Agile Development Services

Our specialists will implement strategies that enhance code simplicity. This means we can make minor code modifications and not have to alter major sections of code. Once our developers optimize the code for simplicity, we can reduce the length of the project. The gains from simplified code will maximize efficiency, reduce complexity and streamline efficiencies. Our consultants enable our clients to effectively clarify various requirements. Once our specialists have concluded testing, our versatile techniques allow customers the flexibility to modify goals as needed.

By utilizing control containers, Sparkfish Software Consultants can reduce the effects of factors that influence efficiency. Consequently, the software can smoothly operate while a customer is utilizing different platforms and OS. Generally, the control containers enhance the efficiency of the tests and improve the objectivity of the results.

Eliminating Glitches and Examining the Functionality of the Software

Each expert adds multiple modules that will automatically create descriptions of glitches. These tools describe the overall effects of each glitch, the causes of the issues and various types of solutions. Moreover, our thorough process leave no code unchecked. Subsequently, the software indicates certain sections of code that may increase the risk of a glitch.

The Sparkfish development team frequently compares types of glitches. Our vast knowledge provides us with laser pointed accuracy to remove these potential glitches.

Improving the Design of the Software and Enhancing the Navigation

Our developers have fully adopted a code review mindset. When our consultants are customizing software, the designers examine feedback, test new features and study requirements. Various reports have shown that this technique enhances the satisfaction of customers and increases the number of buyers who offer referrals. By enhancing the conceptual integrity of your software, our strategy will produce easy-to-use features.

Evaluating Numerous Types of Reports and Improving the Software

Once our teams have developed the custom software solution, our clients can review the statistics that evaluate each test's results. In addition, multiple modifications that improve the software, user experience and facts that influence a project's costs. The reports also offer innovative recommendations that enhance the software framework, platform and portability. Additionally, certain statistics can indicate factors that affect reliability, integration, various glitches, workflow and integrated features.

Examining Statistics and Using a System That Features a Useful Dashboard

When our teams provide statistics, the generated detailed graphs and customizable charts provide a clear snapshot of your current status. These statistics examine the behavior of users, advertisements, sales, customer satisfaction and effects on your company's expenses. Our process will substantially enhance your data visualization capabilities.

Choosing Our Services

During the last 15 years, our development teams have effectively tested numerous types of advanced software. We have completed more than 400 major projects that involve comprehensive tests. Moreover, our teams follow well-established guidelines that will either improve existing process or build new better processes.

At Sparkfish, we’re ready to help you drive impact in your industry, build your innovation, or support your existing software process. Contact Us today to discuss your project in great detail. 214.295-2418

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