Custom Software Development

Building Custom Software & Web Apps

We offer custom software development to turn your vision into reality. Our teams are local and 100% based in Dallas, TX and have over 15+ years technology experience building software solutions. We use a highly iterative Agile approach to software development. This allows us to pivot during the development process to ensure business requirements are met as they evolve.

The reality of building software are that requirements change as things become real. As the process moves forward and starts to take shape, the idea that you started with should also grow and expand. We are continuously aligning goals and expectations as the Agile process allows.

RoadMap Building and Planning

We build teams to suit the project and customer requirements. Our software development teams include the best of breed senior developers, graphic designers, project managers and business analysts. Once a team is in place and a product owner has been assigned, we begin a multi-phase planning effort.

We must examine every aspect of the market to build an application that fits your target audience. We provide emphasis on planning as too many software consulting projects fail because clear goals were not defined in the beginning. At Sparkfish, we maintain very strict process guidelines that bring team members closer together using Agile practices which is a winning combination.

  • Perform market analysis and competitive assessment
  • Design proof of concept against market conditions
  • Measure ROI of results and impact on client business
  • Map Requirements for each phase of development
  • Develop a multi-platform strategy, web and mobile
  • Plan scalability and security requirements

UX and UI Design

Our application design teams are highly skilled at creating user experiences that keep the intended audience engaged. Most commonly, decisions about desired usability are made by users very quickly, typically within the first 45 seconds. A cool interface and adaptable user interface are a standard in our tech savvy world.

We sketch out Wire-Frames so that we can visualize the intended solution. These Wire-Frames are the blueprint to integrate the requirements and specifications that are created by the Business Analysts. The marriage of these two development efforts build a winning solution that the programmers use to make the magic happen.

  • Build user workflows
  • Design user experience and efficiency
  • Streamline Management and Scalability
  • Create user usability metrics
  • Standardize user experience on all platforms
  • Performance exceed the speed of light
  • Inviting and efficient User Experience

Development - Agile

As Software Consultants, we recognize that Application Development isn’t the wild, wild, west but it does come in many forms. What you believe is the best idea in the beginning is rarely what you think towards the end of the project. As your vision becomes real and you start to see it taking shape, your vision will grow and evolve.

With our approach, we grow with your changing requirements every step of the way through product development. This guarantees that you have exactly what you want, the way you want, at time of completion. The inability to communicate these changes quickly and effectively are the root cause of why so many projects fail. Hiring a development company overseas to save a few bucks rarely works out in the end. These failures are a very common occurrence when trying to outsource your software project overseas to save a few bucks.

Our talented teams will choose the right programming languages and platforms to meet your current and future needs. Any cross-platform solution today will involve multiple languages from .NET Framework, Visual Studio, Swift to Node.js. We have highly skilled senior developers that specialize in each of these languages. This will grow the development teams that are building your solution without increasing the cost.

  • Develop innovation framework with latest tech stack
  • Integrate with multi-platforms across all devices
  • Best-of-Breed Security and Scalability Practices
  • Focused on Continuous Integration approach
  • Marry front-end to back-end development

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