Integration and Support of Existing Apps

Integration and Support - Business Continuity

In our 15+ years, we have integrated and supported some of the most intriguing solutions in the marketplace. We have developed a multi-touch process that leaves no stone unturned when breathing life back into applications that are not integrated or lack support.

Custom Software and Mobile Apps

We can streamline business process to achieve desired efficiencies that equal increased revenue. Our clients have come to Sparkfish with some very exciting challenges and over the years, we have turned each one into a great success. The leading factors are understanding the specific business, industry and market. We have helped Finance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing companies with complex forms integration to Retail and Engineering with custom software support.

Industry Specifics & Team Building

No two projects are alike but the most important ingredient to building a successful development team are industry specific knowledge and experience. We tailor our developers to teams where they have that specific knowledge that allows them to look at the big picture from an insider's perspective. This is overwhelmingly beneficial to our clients have a support infrastructure through Sparkfish that can provide these powerful insights and expertise.

  • Custom Software Integration, Bug Fixes
  • Forms and Portal API Integrations
  • Custom Software and Mobile App Support
  • Web Application Support and Development

from Code Reviews to Fire Drills

Our teams will lift up the hood and get work reviewing the programming languages and development style used to build your solution. At the same time, this prepares your dedicated team to handle all support requests. We can act fast on urgent fire drill type scenarios and also provide non-critical support. The longevity of your applications are our primary directive. This takes many forms but at the end of the day, the results are your process sustainability.

Complex Integrations

We find commonly enough that our clients have a mixture of home-grown and off the shelf software solutions that exchange data but are not the best of friends. The importance of the marriage between data and accessibility, is equal to that of systems working together creating an efficient process. The human resources is typically the highest expense for a company and not maximizing the ability of your team members leaves something to be desired.

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