Custom Software

Admin Portal and Dashboard


Our client was challenged with how to measure the overall health and performance of their data services hub. With out of the box solutions, custom fitting one solution to a unique infrastructure is typically impossible and requires multiple solutions.  A custom software solution is best suited to provide exactly what the business needs without paying for things it doesn’t. We assembled a senior development team to determine the most cost-effective way to provide insight into their data services hub.

We developed API’s that consumed data from each unique source and planned a dedicated Web Portal to access these metrics.  The Web Portal would be the one-stop shop for measuring health, availability, performance and communication/notifications. The systems run 24/7 and the Portal would have to available with real-time monitoring and reporting as well.  The Web Application needed to be designed to provide self-service access and include sophisticated reporting capabilities.


  • Developing a real-time web application that interfaces seamlessly with other enterprise web and mobile application systems
  • Providing a scalable, adaptable framework for growth and change within a consistent information architecture
  • Integrating and synthesizing data from a variety of sources, at multiple levels of granularity and size
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance with growing array of state and federal regulations
  • Adhering to stringent privacy and security requirements
  • Providing full audit functionality


The software development team built the API’s to connect to each source and monitor the data.  The metrics were then routed into an Administrative Portal and presented to users via a customized dashboard.  The dashboard was a centralized tool to access reporting, tracking, and monitoring of the day-to-day services operation.  The configurable nature of this solution allowed Admin users to create notifications, modify thresholds, and manage users and authorization.

We created ticketing functionality that provided the clients team to resolve ongoing issues and their resolution.  The tracking of these activities added additional value to increasing efficiency and shortening time to resolution. Some of the key metrics tracked included: current and historical availability, response time, transaction volume, monitoring schedules and volume.  The system was both scalable with business growth and developed so that new features and reporting could be easily added.

The dashboard provided a consolidated view of the key performance metrics. This was an intuitive interface with a customizable view so that each team member could design to suit their responsibilities. The Web Portal worked across all web browsers. The User Interface was slick, easy to use and designed within Architectural standards and common practices.

The teams were able to hit the ground running from day 1.


  • Real-time monitoring and measurement of system performance
  • Instant overview of data from multiple sources
  • Customizable dashboard and reporting to meet changing business needs
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication

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