Legacy Software Support


The client had developed a Microsoft Windows-based application that was installed at a U.S. international airport. The application was used to coordinate the resources needed to ensure aircraft cabins and lavatories were cleaned during the brief, frequently changing periods between an aircraft’s arrival and departure.

The application’s previous developer had left the client without anyone to maintain his production operations. He needed a team with proven Dev-Ops experience to provide 24×7 support response for production issues.


  • Quick ramp-up to support new end-client needs
  • Limited access to previous developers for cross-training purposes
  • Limited system-level documentation for training developers
  • Outdated end user documentation
  • Working in complex, legacy code touched by multiple development organizations that hadn’t been properly maintained


  • The team had to rapidly ramp-up for the project, as there were production issues to be resolved and a new end-client (another U.S. international airport) that urgently needed a system configured for their site and unique needs.
  • The system consistent of a Windows-based client-side application, an Android-based client-side mobile app, and various server-side components that performed the heavy-lifting schedule coordination and optimizations.
  • The team focused on high-priority production issues, new end-client support, and then the large existing backlog of issues.
  • The team also provide support and assistance to the client’s Android developer who found himself with the same challenges of working on an improperly maintained production system.


  • Client was able to continue meeting end-client demands for support of production issues
  • Client was able to manage his development expenses by setting priority and limits to development time
  • Team’s vast experience enabled ability to support necessary technology platforms (Windows, Linux, Android).

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