Mobile Application Development


A client had an idea for a mobile app, but didn’t have time to develop the idea or think through what would be involved to make it happen.  We specialize in helping clients develop, expand and realize their vision in many forms. This one was right up our alley. Business visionaries bring the dream to the table and our development teams work to make them come true.  In this case, he is a Doctor of Internal Medicine looking for a creative way to share his knowledge.

They came to us with a few sentences of explanation of what the app was about. The basic idea was to build an app that young adults could use to make better life decisions. The goal was to give young adults a tool that would detail provide them with instant insight into how particular choices would benefit their lifespan.  It sounds unrealistic at first but the concept is very cool. If you are going to take a vacation and can’t decide what type of vacation, why not narrow it down by only choosing for good healthy set of options.

We helped our client take it a step further and nail down into the specifics.  Once you are on that great vacation, you can plug in all of the things you want to do and prioritize based on the health benefits of each.  You’d be surprised maybe but Scuba Diving is on of the healthiest things you can do on a waterfront vacation. The exercise from swimming in general will extend your life much longer than being a marathon runner.  

It’s these choices that the Doctor wanted make available in an easy to understand, fun to use format.  This was an exciting app to build. Building technological innovation that changes the world is a privilege we hold very dear.


  • Developing idea concept from scratch
  • Researching short and long-term life expectancy impact of numerous activities
  • Managing end user expectations between an entertainment app and one that provides medical advice


A two-phase approach was designed: an Analysis Phase and an Implementation Phase.

The Analysis Phase was focused on transforming the idea concept into a workable development plan.  The team worked with the client to flesh out the idea. How would life expectancy be calculated. Real-time sources for activities and medical categories they fall under.  Assessing each activity and associated medical category mapping to determine lifespan changes.

We set up user roles to capture static data such as height, weight, gender, general health. We took a broader step to getting the best results for each unique user by capturing non-specific health information and not associated with the individual but rather a profile to protect the security of the user.  This meant that our results could be measured with the intended accuracy.

The Implementation Phase began with creating the right look and feel for our audience. We assembled an award winning design team to build an app that was slick, fast, and appealing to college age youths aware of how choices can affect your health. We then built a cross platform application that provided an exceptional user experience.  We made it available to iOS and Android users which is common enough with most mobile application development.

The Design and Development was built around a youthful target audience and would run on any platform.  We delivered a cloud infrastructure to run the back-end and turned over the keys to a very happy customer. He is to this day, changing lives by helping our sons and daughters make better choices.  Thankfully someone had the vision to find a way to make that information known.


  • Cost-effective development
  • Flexible development schedule
  • Full product development (app, backend support, branding/naming)
  • Scale-able Mobile App
  •  Highly secure, best performing

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