Solving Complex Data & Software Challenges

Custom Software Development

Small integrated teams

Our tightly integrated development teams specialize in overcoming technical hurdles, regulatory challenges, and other complex obstacles. By facilitating open communication and collaboration among stakeholders, our teams enable organizations to find the most direct route to solving problems efficiently.

Streamlined Communication

Our small teams approach ensures personalized attention and agile execution, allowing you to stay closely involved in your project’s development. With direct access to our developers, you’ll always know whom to contact whenever necessary.

Efficient Resource Allocation

In today’s fast-paced business environment, solving complex problems requires a focused, strategic approach that leverages the strengths of a diverse team. We believe that having the right people in the right roles unlocks the innovative thinking needed to overcome obstacles with precision and agility.

Improved Data
Analytics & Insights

Custom Reporting

With well-structured and effectively managed data, reports can be as granular as required.  Design custom-tailored reports that provide the insights necessary to drive success.

Make Better Decisions

Decisions are only as good as the data that informs them. Improved data quality and enhanced analytics reporting allow for better informed decisions. 

Real-Time Insights

Remove information roadblocks to get real-time insights into your organization’s performance and know where your business stands at any moment. 

“They feel like they’re a part of my team instead of a company I’ve hired.”


Learn More About Our Services

We provide software development services to organizations across various industries. 

Industries We Serve

We provide custom software development and data analytics insights to organizations across many different industries while specializing in the three below.

Their team has done a great job in all aspects of the project. They truly understand our vision.

Healthcare Technology

Healthcare Data Analytics and Healthcare Interoperability.

Private Equity

Technical Due Diligence, Data Analytics & Reporting, ERP Integrations & Custom ERP Development.

Insurance Carriers

Compliance & Actuarial Reporting Support, Data Management & Warehousing, TPA Submission Structure, & Cashflow Modeling.

Projects We Have Worked On

Medical EHR Software

We helped a healthcare startup who provides SaaS based Electronic Health Records (EHR) software to ambulatory care specialty clinics reduce the cost of development and create a more scalable business model.

Enterprise Data Warehousing & Management

With data being consumed from hundreds of different sources, we worked with our client (an Insurance Carrier) to create a Data Warehouse that includes file verification and data integrity validation as part of the ETL process.  These new processes have allowed users a granular view of their data, dramatically improving their reporting, reducing their risk and increasing profits.

Client Testimonials

Small Teams,
Big Impact

Through our fully integrated small-team approach, which we lovingly refer to as Pods, we provide a unique experience, clear communication and remove barriers to solving complex problems.

Move Quickly

Our small team approach travels light and moves fast.  Avoid bureaucratic headaches and create a streamlined process with Sparkfish.

Well-Rounded Expertise

It’s not about how many people you have, it’s about having the right people. We deploy our teams to include the right experts for each project. 

Enhanced Communication

Smaller teams lead to better communication between the team and you. Stay up to date on your project’s status and always know who to contact.