Modernize your business with data governance

Adopt sensible data governance practices that support AI/ML-led innovation and support future growth.

Data Guardrails, not Bureaucracy

Data is the lifeblood of innovation for every business. However, unfettered data (no proper boundaries in place) is a recipe for disaster: In the worst case, this leads to data leaks or regulatory noncompliance, which can be devastating. But it can also lead to issues with data quality and result in costly mistakes. As data grows, the infrastructure to support it can’t keep up, and it is easy to lose control.

We’ve helped businesses like yours protect their investments in data by building sensible data governance processes that provide security and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, while at the same time giving visibility and control to data administrators.


Custom Data Governance & Security Packages

Discover our custom data management solutions in:

Practical Data Policies and Compliance Frameworks

We’ll build common-sense data policies to help you administer your data with confidence, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations while also ensuring the right people have access to the right data to innovate and move the needle for your business.

Data Catalogs and Provenance Tracking

As data systems grow in size and complexity, we’ll introduce mechanisms to track structural metadata, data lineage, classification, and metadata to determine usability. We’ll help you to ensure all your structured and semi-structured data is accounted for and discoverable by consumers.

Data Quality Management Frameworks

We’ll provide means of documenting data quality expectations, ensuring the data you have is consistent with the rules of your business and enabling dynamic quality monitoring, triage, and root cause analysis.

Access Management Controls

Perimeter security might be sufficient for small businesses, but as your business grows, improper access controls can lead to internal leaks. We’ll design right-sized access management solutions that are compatible with the realities of your business, ensuring the right stakeholders have access to the right data. We have deep experience managing access services and interoperating with cloud identity and access management (IAM) systems.

Unlock your data's full potential

Rather than relying on disparate systems to get insight into different business units, a data warehouse acts as a single source of truth, ensuring the organization speaks the same language.

Fully Leverage Your Data

With the visibility provided by a data catalog, you’ll know what data you have at your fingertips to leverage for data science and analytics.

Trust & Transparency

Relationships are everything. Build trust with your customers and partners through transparent data practices and robust data protection measures, enhancing your reputation and fostering long-term relationships.

Increased Confidence in Data

Introducing automated mechanisms to identify and report data quality issues at every stage of the data lifecycle reduces triage time, building confidence in data systems among stakeholders who use the data for reporting and decision-making.

Increased Data Literacy

A well-organized data catalog and lineage tracking systems make data more accessible to business users and data owners. We’ll help create a culture of data literacy where employees are empowered to find, understand, and utilize data in their roles.

Robust Data Protections and Reduced Risk

With the proliferation of data governance regulations like CCPA and GDPR, our safeguards reduce risk and foster compliance.