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Have you reluctantly convinced yourself to live with a subpar product?

Do you feel like your software development initiative went astray and are ready to give up?

Unfortunately, you're not the only one. Whether you're developing software products in-house or you're outsourcing, many projects fail and are doomed to take this less than fruitful path.

To keep from joining them, here are some tell-tale signs your software development is not going as planned and you need the Sparkfish Software Project Rescue Team to step in before it's too late:

Signs Your Software Project is in Trouble

  • The software development team lacks clarity on the vision of your end product, often failing to prioritize, delegate, and adjust professionally as the project matures.
  • Releases are always behind schedule and you're constantly playing catch-up.
  • Internal development teams are overextended and unable to dedicate the required time needed to bring your software to fruition.
  • The development team doesn't get it - due to lack of expertise, lack of dedicated software engineers, or communication issues.
  • Performance Issues - software crashes, bugs popping up left and right, constant scalability & security issues.

Any number of these issues can easily derail a software project.

Issues like these often get swept under the rug with the hope that more time, or more budget, can solve the problem. However, this type of fix-it-as-we-go development practice just increases the pressure to share only the positive news and results in poor quality coding and even more damaging setbacks.

Sparkfish - We rescue Your Software Projects. Simple!

We see folks all the time trying to save a few bucks by developing their software product overseas, only to end up with incomplete source code or failing software that is in dire need of rescuing.

If this just hits too close to home, don't panic...we have the solution to getting your project back on track.

Meet your new team of software developers; an elite group of highly trained Sparkfish experts who are ready to dive in and complete your software project.

At Sparkfish, we pride ourselves on being a small US-based, custom software development team made up only of highly capable experts. Combined, we have an arsenal of relevant and actionable skills, all of which are necessary to save a drowning project. Using our dedicated team of elite software developers, we are uniquely positioned to make business simple for you. Let our team of software experts be your trusted partner when you find yourself in the murky waters of software development.

The Sparkfish Difference

We take a holistic approach to understanding your business and the issues you are facing. Our team dives in and performs a comprehensive software assessment, helping us plan the project rescue process and fix poorly performing software from the ground up. We quickly determine what’s not working, whether your software is built to scale, and how we can cost-effectively get you back on track. We won’t hand over your project having simply "checked the boxes" on your requirements list, but instead partner with you to provide solutions focused on producing a business-ready product.

Our Specialties

Renewing Legacy Systems

We modernize systems without disrupting your day-to-day operations. From seamless software migration and integration to customization - our software project rescue team has you covered.

Code Review

We take a deep dive into your code to determine what is the most optimal pathway, with minimal risk, to provide you with bug-free software and solve your pain points.

Scalability Improvement

Leverage our expertise in architecture design and performance to ensure scalability. We make sure your project can support a virtually infinite number of users - meaning your business won't be held back as it grows.

Salvage vs Rewrite

On rare occasions, after a software assessment, the most logical step is to perform a complete rewrite of the application from the ground up. This can be due many reasons, such as poorly written code, flawed business logic or architecture, or the use of antiquated technology.

The issue is further exacerbated if:

  • The enablement, optimization, security, and scalability of the software appears to be compromised
  • There’s a lack of relevant technical documentation and code repository, or
  • A hostile (current) development team is reluctant to share pertinent information and artifacts.

Any of these will lead to your software project derailing and prevent you from achieving your software goals.

At Sparkfish, we have the right mindset, decades of relevant experience and expertise, fortitude, and dedicated US-based software engineers to salvage or rewrite software projects at any stage.

A Partner You Can Trust

  • Sparkfish is 100% US-based and will never outsource development
  • You can speak directly with the software development team working on your project
  • We keep our employees happy to ensure low turnover so your team is stable
  • You have access to our entire team of cross-discipline industry experts
  • You retain complete ownership of the software that is tailored just for you

We don't just save projects from the verge of failure - we breathe new life into them! Let us show you why companies trust Sparkfish with their software rescue projects.

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