About Us

What makes us Sparkfish

Why we do what we do

Sparkfish exists to empower the people within organizations to conquer and overcome their most complex data and software challenges one innovative solution at a time.

At our core we love helping others simplify their lives. We’ve seen first hand the difficulty companies can have with poor communication between their development team and we set out to change that through our tightly integrated small teams removing barriers and allowing for agility.

Meet Our Team


Jonathan Boarman

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Sato

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Farris

Chief Financial Officer

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations solve complex problems by providing tightly integrated development teams that are skilled at overcoming obstacles in the development process. Through clear communication and collaboration, we work to find the shortest path to success.

Our Vision

A world where we have helped organizations reshape their method of creating software and data solutions by removing
the barriers to building technical teams by adopting
partnerships with locally sourced, fully integrated development pods, allowing leadership to focus on day-to-day success and big picture goals.

What We Stand For

Providing Value

We believe software should be about people and how it improves their daily lives. Setting up our clients for success is what motivates us each and every day. When you have the right people, skill sets, and experience, in the right roles, innovation and success are possible. Listening to, working with, and setting our employees up for success, creates an environment that breeds successful outcomes for ourselves and our clients.

Harmony Amongst Teams

We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients, characterized by seamless collaboration and open communication. Our approach involves tightly integrated small teams, called pods, that function as an extension of your company. This allows us to act swiftly and efficiently to solve complex problems while remaining aligned with goals and values. Our pod-based approach provides a harmonious and productive working relationship that drives success for both parties.

Innovative Thinking

We approach each project with a unique perspective, avoiding cookie-cutter solutions. We carefully consider the problem at hand and determine the most effective way to solve it, rather than relying solely on plug-and-play solutions. For us, innovation means utilizing the best tools and solutions for the job, resulting in the most efficient and effective outcomes. We’re not afraid to be cutting-edge and inventive but our focus priority is to provide innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of each client and invent solutions when required.

Culture Over Profit

We believe company culture is more important than profits and strive to create a working environment that fosters positive relationships between employees, and aligns with their personal values and preferences. We understand the importance of work-life balance and provide the flexibility needed to meet the demands of modern culture. Our goal is to create a workplace that our employees are excited to be a part of, where they feel valued and empowered to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Small Teams,
Big Impact

Through our fully integrated small-team approach, which we lovingly refer to as Pods, we’re able to provide a unique experience, clear communication and remove barriers to solving complex problems.

Move Quickly

Our small team approach travels light and moves fast.  Avoid bureaucratic headaches and create a streamlined process with Sparkfish .

Well-rounded Expertise

It’s not about how many people you have, it’s about having the right people. We deploy our teams to have the right experts for each project. 

Enhanced Communication

Smaller teams lead to better communication between the team and you. Stay up to date on the project status and always know who to contact.