Multiplexer API


Existing systems and processes were unable to manage high volumes of simultaneous requests for data from their data services hub. The volume of data requests created a network performance degradation that slowed down processing almost to a complete stand still.  With the systems unable to handle the load, employee efficiency was equally hindered with manual processing. These slow downs were having a dramatic effect on overall revenue growth.

They approached the software development team at Sparkfish, with a request to analyze and recommend a solution.  Our teams examined the performance hit and process disruptions but uncovered additional areas that were broken and affecting performance.  Our client could not justify replacing underperforming hardware without any guarantee it would resolve the issue. The Sparkfish team took an alternative approach to address the issue at its root, the software.


  • Ensuring average response times did not exceed eight seconds
  • Returning data in a format automatically transferrable to case records
  • Interfacing seamlessly with client’s existing web and mobile application systems
  • Complying with growing array of state and federal regulations
  • Meeting stringent privacy and security requirements
  • Providing complete audit functionality


Our team created a Multiplexer API (MUX) to provide web service access to the data services hub. Rather than processing requests in serial fashion, the MUX enabled simultaneous submission and parallel processing of requests against data sources. The MUX was designed to interface through back-end system communications with the client’s web and mobile applications.  The MUX also delivered structured data as key data elements that could be transferred directly into case records.

The API could now consume high volumes of data without system degradation. In addition, through the improved performance achieved by connecting each data source, the manual processing was eliminated.  This meant that employee efficiencies increased with the automation of processing data without performance issues. Revenue growth was back on the rise.

Our programming and coding efforts helped our client to protect his existing investments.  And while providing him with a resolution that avoided a potentially costly gamble on replacing valuable hardware.  We applied multiple software testing methodologies to ensure that the software design, programming and API could withstand future increases in volume.  The MUX solution was scalable with the business and built to last.


  • Immediate access to real-time data
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Increased accuracy of case records
  • Faster processing of applications

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