How We Work

Team sourcing software development with Sparkfish can significantly improve your company’s ability to innovate and quickly launch new development initiatives. Our expert software development team has extensive domain knowledge, experience and technical expertise. This helps us transform your business objectives into an intelligent and efficient development launchpad for increased revenue. Let our team be an extension of yours.

We believe that business should be easy. We’ve streamlined and simplified our entire process to focus on ensuring you receive quick results. This helps both of us, since we can both quickly measure and confirm that you are happy with our work.

Initial Consultation (1–2 hours)

In the complimentary initial consultation, you will be able to chat and/or meet with our solutions analysts and architects to help us understand your needs better and to ensure that it makes sense for both of us to continue on this journey.

Discovery Workshop (1–2 days)

After the initial consultation, we’ll set up a two-part workshop where you can meet the team, and together we'll discuss and gain a detailed understanding of the project. Depending on the size or complexity of your project, this part of the journey will either be two half-days or two full-days.

The first half of the workshop focuses on learning about your needs and discovering what requirements will be involved. The second half of the workshop focuses on listing and prioritizing features and setting goals for your project.

We will then determine the level of effort based on your goals and help you choose one of two paths: Sprint or Hackathon. If one of these two approaches doesn’t suit your project needs, we’re also happy to customize a path for you.

Development by Sprint (2 week blocks)

A sprint is a two-week block of development. Each sprint has the goal of producing something tangible that you can review, test, or use.

We make it easy. There’s no long-term commitment. You can stop a project after any sprint.

We generally recommend a minimum of three sprints for new projects, depending on the complexity of the product:

  • The first sprint will focus on producing interactive mockups of your application.
  • The second sprint will focus on incorporating feedback from the first sprint and building out backend functionality.
  • The third sprint will continue to integrate feedback and build out additional features from the product backlog.

Development by Hackathon (3 day block)

A hackathon is a short, three-day block of development. Sometimes you just have an idea or project that you need implemented as quickly as possible. A hackathon allows you to build out your project as much as possible over a three-day period.

Generally, the best projects suited for hackathons are those that focus on the user experience or user interface. If it’s much larger than that, it’s probably more suitable to take the Development by Sprint path.

It isn’t uncommon to start a project with a hackathon and then follow it up with several sprints.

As you can see, taking a journey with us is a quick and easy way to ignite your own innovation. The journey, however, doesn’t have to stop. We can also help you take your product concept past the initial phases and into a production setting. We also specialize in scaling, running, and maintaining high demand, high availability applications.