UI/UX Design

Application design with today’s technological savvy user, is often the most critical part of every new project. It takes just a few moments for users to make decisions as to whether an app is good or not, and that decision is made within the first few minutes of connecting to the interface. Regardless of the power of an applications functionality or complicated integration, if it doesn’t look cool and feel exciting, it won’t be a winner.

Building User Experiences That Drive Impact

The stage has been set by Apple, Google, and Amazon in terms of expected user experience and new applications need to always meet or exceed those standards. We have an award winning design team that has a clear focus on designing solutions that capture their audience’s attention and keep them wanting more from the moment they start experiencing it.

We’ve all downloaded apps with polished interface photos only to find it extremely inferior. Most often, the user interfaces and experiences were designed by the engineers that built the app and that almost always never works. It’s a different skill set and being focused on doing what you do best is our finest methodology.

  • Interaction Design that drive efficiency and ease of use
  • Visual Design that blends colors, lines, Texture and Topography
  • Information Architecture Design that combines Navigation, Search, and Labeling
  • Organization Schema and Structure that keeps your audience engaged

Our Design Teams use a multi-step process to provide your application with the best user experience. This avoids common mistakes that can bottleneck the process of building that amazing experience. It starts with doing our research. In order to build what the audience wants for any given app or software solution, we need to put their hat on and be with them for a day. This means that we can truly understand the use and benefit of the application through their eyes.

Next, we will map out the features and their associated priorities, streamline that vision into something that does not make a user feel cluttered. The clutter is what causes confusion and dissatisfaction which is all easily avoidable. We design navigation that is self-evident by creating a clear and logical architecture that is familiar to the intended audience with legible text, commonly used words, and finger friendly for the mobile side while providing feedback as actions are taken. A seamless experience will be easily guided with minimal typing and provide users with state of the art look and feel.

Testing, Testing, Testing, is a must. There are no shortcuts to making sure what you’ve built can stand up to the most vigorous of users.

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