Completed Journeys

We’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you find their spark. Here are their journeys.

EMR Augmentation


We provided additional resources and helped accelerate an EMR software development project. In addition to managing development projects, we updated processes and expanded existing software features.

Client Portal Development


We helped a financial services company with a custom site on Azure. We designed a custom client portal and made recommendations to set up a new hosting environment.

Federal Consultancy


We designed and developed an automated timekeeping system for a consulting firm. In addition to streamlining billing, we also redesigned the website and integrated an email system.

Mobile App Development


We provided development assistance for overhauling and rebuilding an application infrastructure. Using existing wireframes, we implemented new features and transformed the mobile app from an idea to a functional working product.

Uniform Designer


We provided a full-scale development project for a uniform-designing application. We implemented several features, including custom colors and lettering to allow users to view their uniforms before purchasing.

Alien Status Verification


Our team designed, developed, and integrated a real-time data solution that integrated data into an existing service hub. This integration allowed the client to streamline eligibility determination and recertification processes for resident aliens and qualified immigrants.

Risk Modeling


Faced with a growing number of public assistance programs and increasing budget constraints, the client needed to streamline the eligibility review process, with greater speed and accuracy. We analyzed historical data and comparing it against the current data, the predictive model we created could determine the likelihood that income had changed and assign risk scores based on the criteria.

Asset Verification System


We provided a comprehensive search of Texas assets and accounts and highlighted potential asset transfers during a 60-month historical period to indicate increased risk or potential fraud. Our real-time banking system integrates with companies like Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Capital One, and other national financial institutions.

Software Support


The client had developed a Microsoft Windows-based application that was installed at a U.S. international airport. The application was used to coordinate the resources needed to ensure aircraft cabins and lavatories were cleaned during the brief, frequently changing periods between an aircraft’s arrival and departure.

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