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Local Software Consultants

We are a Dallas Texas based team of software consultants that tailor our services to your business needs. We work across verticals from healthcare, insurance, manufacturing to engineering. Our built to suit teams provide the experience and expertise to solve even the most complicated of issues. We work to understand your business, market, and current processes so that we can help you grow your business.

At Sparkfish, we work with our clients, side by side, to help them realize their vision and apply very realistic expectations of how it can impact the world and disrupt their industry. We ensure that any software project we take on is handled in the most cost-effective way while maintaining the highest level of efficiency. We focus on providing what you want the way you want it which means, on-demand, on-time and under budget.

High Quality Design and Development

Professional software consulting can take form in many ways. We handle complexities from software defects to improving business process. Using the right programming language is a critical factor commonly overlooked by overseas developers that don’t understand your target audience. How can you build great software if you don’t understand what it's for or why?

You can think of custom software development the same as building a new house. When you build that house, do you want to hire a contractor that is focused on doing it in the least expensive and most profitable manner possible? Absolutely not. To build software right, you need to understand your clients business, market, audience and most importantly their expected results in the near and long term and that doesn’t happen in a phone call or two.

Business visionaries need a partner they can trust so that the programming is done with the business in mind. Sparkfish invests the time necessary in our clients to guarantee our results meet your market needs and will sustain the growth you’ve bet your business on. We adopt standards without compromise and produce cross-platform, mobile ready solutions that easily integrate with back end systems. Our project planning and execution are worlds ahead of what most of the marketplace has to offer today.

  • Complex Integrations of Legacy and New Technologies
  • Forms integrations with multiple systems and processes
  • Software and Mobile Application Code Reviews
  • Quality Assurance testing across core software and mobile applications
  • Refactoring broken software to meet current requirements
  • Portal Apps to SharePoint Customization - We code the Impossible

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